In 1955, my parents founded the The Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation on the philosophy that life’s purpose is found in service to others, in creating opportunities for those who lack them, in supporting human community in all its forms and empowering individuals in self-sufficiency. My father, ahead of his time, always said that he was interested not just in philanthropy, but in social responsibility to meet the obligations each one of us owes to society and introduced me to the idea of “Tzedekah” – giving to others not as charity, but as a mutually beneficial interaction.In 2009, I founded Mission Throttle, an impact investment firm dedicated to bringing those concepts to life by helping evolve the role capital plays in philanthropy and our communities.

As experienced investors, philanthropists and community leaders, the Mission Throttle team is privileged and uniquely positioned to deliver on what we see as our social responsibility, and we stand on the shoulders of other pioneers around the world who are already using their hearts and their heads, proving increased value to society while seeking financial returns.