Invest Local + Think Social

Investing in businesses that help scale solutions to Michigan’s social and environmental challenges

Michigan’s Social Capital Gap

Michigan faces a series of social and environmental challenges, stemming from a sharp decline in manufacturing jobs and population as well as other factors that recently culminated in the largest municipal bankruptcy in U. S. history in the City of Detroit.

Social entrepreneurs and community leaders are developing new types of organizations that merge business strategies with philanthropic values, while impact investors ranging from grassroots organizations to large Michigan foundations are providing capital to help launch those social enterprises.

Capital Gap

However, Michigan social enterprises lack access to the financial and human capital they need to thrive at every stage of their development, as grassroots organizations can only provide limited amounts of capital in early stages, and large foundations look to invest at later stages.

Mission Throttle provides the capital to bridge that gap.

Funding Eligibility

Mission Throttle invests in social enterprises that have moved beyond the concept stage and are seeking capital to launch and grow their businesses.

Social enterprises interested in receiving investments must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a primary service/product targeting a key social or environmental issue in Michigan
  • Have clearly defined social outcomes and performance metrics
  • Have a strong management team and product/service capable of delivering a financial return
  • Focus on systemic change

Targeted issues (include but are not limited to):

Health and Human ServicesHealth & Human Services
Education InitiativesEducation Initiatives
Sustainable AgricultureSustainable Food Systems
Community ResilienceCommunity Resilience

Our Portfolio



A2B Bikeshare

A2B Bikeshare is dedicated to helping communities of all sizes to become better connected, healthier and more environmentally sustainable by providing accessible and affordable transportation solutions.

Apparatus Solutions Inc.

Apparatus Solutions

Working with social impact organizations to provide fully customizable, cost-effective, financial and administrative services.

Crowd Rise


CrowdRise is an innovative, cost-effective online fundraising website for personal fundraisers, non-profit fundraising and event fundraising



Through its Insyght platform, Digerati democratizes access to resources for entrepreneurs by diagnosing their needs and connecting them with the right information. Digerati also developed Classroom to Career, a system that connects students to internship opportunities based on skills, interests and requirements, allowing employers to efficiently recruit talent.

Local Orbit

Local Orbit is a supply chain platform for people who are creating a new, connected food economy.

Mission Center L3C

The Mission Center

The Mission Center L3C was founded in 2010 as the nation’s first hybrid, for-profit social enterprise incubator and accelerator focused on providing education and capacity building for social entrepreneurs.