Cultivate + Create + Share

We Cultivate, Create and Share opportunities that accelerate positive impact on our local community

About Us

Mission Throttle is a social impact strategy firm dedicated to accelerating philanthropic innovation in communities. We advise, invest in and support mission-driven organizations that seek to use market-based strategies to address social and environmental challenges. We advance the organizational capacity and sustainability of mission-driven organizations through scaling earned revenue and instilling best practices to serve more people in need, increasing community impact and social justice.


Provide strategic business advice and tools to mission-driven organizations and social entrepreneurs

Mission-driven organizations require increasingly integrated financial solutions to have a lasting impact on those they serve. We apply our financial and strategic experience to create socially impactful, financially sustainable programs.



Accelerate positive change by tapping into the capital currently invested in conventional portfolios.

We invest in and cultivate social enterprises with the goal of creating measurable social or environmental benefits, alongside a financial return.



Support innovative tools and organizations that help change the way people think about philanthropy.

We fund tools designed to strengthen the impact investing ecosystem, such as social impact bonds and crowdfunding platforms. We then research their effectiveness at a local level and share our findings broadly.




Our  team is comprised of professionals with a unique combination of backgrounds and expertise in areas ranging from nonprofit board management, to corporate finance, to startup entrepreneurship. We are linked to a broad network of financial, philanthropic and community leaders, affording a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors and social enterprises to connect to the impact investing ecosystem in Michigan and beyond.

Our Experts

The capabilities of Mission Throttle’s core team are amplified by our  highly experienced network of expert advisors.


Mission Throttle frames its work in terms of these overarching principles:

CULTURE CHANGE is key. We envision a world where capitalistic solutions and philanthropic values converge to accelerate community impact. By thinking differently about the role of capital and embracing an entrepreneurial spirit, mission-driven organizations are uniquely positioned to respond to emerging social problems.

AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION is worth a pound of cure. By funding preventive solutions and system level change, the root cause of social problems can be addressed.

FINANCIAL SELF-SUFFICIENCY is paramount. Diversified revenue streams allow mission-driven organizations to focus on core principles, consider scale, innovate, and establish independence, allowing them to break the funding “starvation cycle” and therefore create greater social impact.