As we return to what’s important during this holiday season, let’s reduce the volume of this crazy world in which we find ourselves to focus on our loved ones. We are buffeted daily with noise that affects our lives like injustice, prejudice, politics and global terror. Why not return to a time when life was much simpler, truly feel the benefits of quieting the onslaught of (social) media, and dedicate ourselves to the power of really hearing each other?

As I reflect on the last decade of Mission Throttle’s work, I feel grateful for my team who inspired and pushed me forward to activate innovate solutions. The team’s past six years work advising over three dozen mission-driven organizations created tremendous value-add and culture change, yet came at a cost that couldn’t be financially supported by me alone going forward. I was positively impacted by my team and proud of the change they brought to our community. The advisory practice was spun-off on June 30 of this year, leaving space for self-reflection and reaching out to my valued national mentors to push new opportunities in the decade to come.

Actualizing our culture of transparency, I questioned myself and set-up a series of interviews with my amazing network of mentors to hear their thoughts on past developments in the Impact Investing ecosystem, identifying current and future gaps that need filling going forward. Thanks to Ian Makowske, Jennifer Oertel and Kathy Smith, a consolidated report of findings suggests each of us might play a role in what “can be possible” going forward. I am grateful for the leadership they inspire in this critical work.

Mission Throttle continues to believe in the important role social capital plays in strengthening capacity, sustaining impact and evolving culture in “for-impact” organizations. Each of us has the power to change the trajectory of social supports for underserved populations. As The Starfish Story recalls the importance of personal restoration, we need to also lead forward scalable approaches for community impact. It is not enough to satisfy our charitable hearts by writing checks — we also need to activate, engage, and accelerate philanthropic innovation for the underserved. Let’s commit to be active listeners and determine how we might use our hearts, networks and resources to create sustainable supports for them. It’s our obligation to support each other to create equitable social justice.

Ultimately, making the world a better place requires not just generosity, but a dedication to gaining a better understanding of the problems we are solving for, while constantly evolving the tools needed to give every person a chance to realize their life’s dream.

In the quiet of this holiday season, consider the possibilities of how you will become a more effective change agent in the new year and act yourself into a new way of thinking. Inspire your network to support others by turning down the noise of social media and self-needs and focus on what’s important: our fellow life travelers.

To the future…together!

Have a blessed and peaceful holiday season,