As we celebrate the holidays, we deserve to deeply inhale and exhale the pressures of the past year and optimistically envision the opportunities of the New Year. It seems like we have been holding our collective breath, reacting to the uncontrollable externalities affecting our global community. Deep concerns about the weak economy, Covid resurfacing, unabated crime in communities, no real immigration policy, and the politicization of almost everything in life. It seems the personal values that bound us together decades ago have vanished.

Yet, we continue to be inspired by those who dedicated their lives to our country and plowed the raw ground for us to travel – the veterans and pioneers who once invested in a brighter future. This year, in a series of interviews for Crain Currency, we explore the issues facing our communities with global pioneers and veterans in the field of Impact Investing. With their help, we are reimagining the “why, what and how” of the next generation’s approach to community impact. The ”Why” with Sir Ronald Cohen, and the “What” with Amit Bouri, both of whom inspire the culture change necessary to realize the vision of investing with values to generate financial and social returns. These pioneers both practice the idiom “you have to see it to believe it.” In 2023, we will also explore the “How” with other global leaders in our field.

 Let’s resolve to follow their lead in the New Year and proactively create the change we wish to see by investing in future generations through social capital strategies that work. Let’s practice optimism about the opportunities in front of us in 2023 and beyond.

I wish you the power of inspiration for improving our collective future.

Happy Holidays,

To the future…together!

Phillip Wm. Fisher
Founder, Mission Throttle