Thinking Differently

Innovating the role of capital in philanthropy

Advisory Services

Now more than ever, mission-driven organizations are recognizing the need to move away from dependence on grants and develop sustainable business models that withstand fluctuations in donative capital.  At the same time, foundations and other funders are increasingly aware of the obstacles to driving large-scale social change, and are looking for new ways to strengthen the infrastructures of the organizations they support. They know that access to financial, human and innovation capital are critical to achieving financial sustainability, and therefore greater social change.

Mission-driven organizations have deep expertise in the root cause of and solutions to social problems. When provided with enterprise level investment, they are uniquely positioned to deliver high-impact social change that improves lives exponentially.

Our Approach

How can mission-driven organizations achieve transformative change without access to best-in-class operational resources and stable financial capital?

Mission Throttle’s Advisory Services practice provides mission-driven organizations with support and expertise to develop innovative and pragmatic business strategies that create efficiencies, scale and, ultimately, financial sustainability. Through our work with a diverse group of mission-driven organizations, Mission Throttle has developed a deep understanding of their unique operating environments, allowing us to respond to the evolving needs of both organizations and funders.

We reject stereotypical ideas that mission-driven organizations cannot be both financially sound and highly effective, and therefore, seek to establish a model that balances mission and money. Our advisory team challenges conventional wisdom to find a better way, encouraging a humble view of impact and a practical view of finances.

We Seek To:

COLLABORATE with our clients to embrace the values, culture and passion of their organizations.

PROVIDE strategic guidance and performance improvement solutions that support excellence, and achieve increased scale and social impact.

DEVELOP customized entrepreneurial strategies and sustainable revenue models to meet organizational goals. By considering untapped markets and innovative business models, we establish a mix between disruption and pragmatism.

DELIVER a unique perspective by providing access to market trends and best practices that will position our clients to grow and scale.

MAXIMIZE and measure financial and social return on investment to not only strengthen investor confidence, but develop long-term sustainable change.

CREATE innovative funding strategies to support scalable projects. By accessing our network of private and public sector sources, we develop funding strategies that are cost efficient, nimble and sustainable.

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Our Services

Mission Throttle provides a wide range of advisory services tailored to achieve operating excellence and sustainable social impact. We work closely with our clients to identify a mix of services that reflects their unique needs.

Funders: Mission Throttle partners with funders and their grant partners to develop business strategies that strengthen organizational infrastructure and create opportunities for financial sustainability, growth and scale. Below is a sampling of our service offerings.

  • Assess programmatic impact
  • Create outcomes framework
  • Develop competitive analysis
  • Develop market-based business strategies
  • Create funding strategies
  • Including impact investing and social enterprise development
  • Perform business analytics
  • Assess market gaps and needs
  • Perform organizational needs assessment; create tools and solutions

Mission-Driven Organizations: Mission Throttle provides a wide range of Advisory Services tailored to help mission-driven organizations achieve operating excellence and sustainable social impact. We use an evidence-based approach to develop creative, market-based strategies.

STABILIZE: Due to capacity constraints, many mission-driven organizations are unable to create the necessary infrastructure to support long-term strategic growth. Through a range of business analytics, we partner with our clients to create solutions that create financial and operational stability.

INNOVATE: Organizations that have diverse revenue streams are more likely to be financially sustainable and therefore, achieve greater impact. We assist our clients to leverage their existing programmatic strengths to create financial resilience.

SCALE: We work with our clients to develop and implement strategies that unlock new forms of capital and create investment opportunities.

Our Clients



Works to alleviate homelessness by providing an array of services that enable people to achieve self-sufficiency and obtain affordable housing.

Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation

Creating life-changing opportunities for youth and families in Southwest Detroit.

Driving for America

Funding essential training and resources for military veterans.

Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative

Creating access to quality early education for vulnerable children.

Eastern Market

Eastern Market and adjacent areas make up a local food district with more than 250 independent vendors and merchants processing, wholesaling, and retailing food.

Ford Motor Company Fund

Creating a sustainable, place-based approach to providing high-need communities with critical social services.

Habitat for Humanity Detroit

Providing people with the opportunity to affordably improve their homes.


A prototype for innovative, community-based residential and support programs.


Empowering individuals with the expertise and access to health care not provided by traditional models.

Restaurant Opportunities Center of Michigan

Supporting the advancement of restaurant workers in Southeast Michigan.

The Skillman Foundation

A private philanthropy committed to improving meaningful graduation rates in the Detroit region, so kids are ready for college, career, and life.

Starfish Family Services

A leading provider of early childhood development and parenting programs, children’s mental health services, and emergency support for teens and youth in crisis.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Among the largest foundations in the United States, WKKF works with communities to create conditions for vulnerable children so they can realize their full potential in school, work and life.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation: Battle Creek Community Partners

Accelerating community impact in Battle Creek, MI.