Driving for America (DFA) provides comprehensive training and job referral services within the logistics industry, with a focus on helping service men and women. More than just providing opportunities for veterans, DFA ensures that those who gave the most for our country can also make the most of their careers. DFA has partnered with Logistics Training Foundation (LTF) to fund essential training and resources for military veterans hoping to launch a career in logistics. LTF is currently focused on providing veterans with scholarships to obtain commercial driver’s license training and certification. This partnership provides an invaluable opportunity for veterans to develop a long-lasting career.

The Challenge

Military veterans typically struggle to secure gainful employment upon discharge from active duty. In fact, the unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans is almost two percentage points higher than the civilian rate, in part due to perceived underlying health issues and difficulty in translating military skills to the civilian job market.

The training these individuals receive while in the military results in excellent leadership, cooperation, and organizational skills. Driving for America (DFA) recognized this and, in particular, the unique compatibility that these skills have with logistics industry. Knowing that the cost of training is a barrier for many students, Driving for America asked Mission Throttle to develop the Logistics Training Foundation, a subsidiary of DFA that provides scholarships and other types of financial support for students.

How We helped

Beyond developing the financial infrastructure necessary to provide scholarships and financial aid, Mission Throttle made introductions to strategic partners at key points throughout the engagement, including potential funders, strategic partners, human service organizations, and servicing agents.

In addition, Mission Throttle facilitated a connection between Driving for America and the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC), which helped recruit the first cohort of students and provide them financial support. Finally, through collaborative efforts, Driving for America partnered with employers to provide jobs to graduates.

Our Impact

At the conclusion of our engagement, Driving for America had a replicable and scalable mechanism for recruiting students, the financial infrastructure needed to offer scholarships and student loans, and standing agreements with employers able to offer jobs to graduates.

“The Mission Throttle team helped us develop a philanthropic model to support a for-profit company. They were very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They had numerous ideas and we would not have made the strides we did without them. I would highly recommend them and engage them again in the future.”

— Scott Taylor, President and CEO, Driving for America