Partners4Health (“P4H”) is a start-up 501(c)3 social enterprise that seeks to promote health equity by empowering individuals with the necessary expertise and access to health care not provided by traditional models.  P4H considers a holistic view of health and is unique in its frequency of its visits, type and amount of service. This coordinated care approach addresses the medically-related, social and behavioral needs of individuals. By addressing the social determinants of health and providing individuals with the tools to remain healthy and thrive, P4H’s intervention model has the ability to profoundly improve health outcomes, reduce the high cost of treating individual patients, and increase community health. P4H is the collaborative brainchild of the CEOs of four leading and innovative metro-Detroit based social service agencies (Common Ground, Neighborhood Service Organization, Oakland Family Services, and Southwest Solutions).

The Challenge

Improved quality and efficiency in health care can only be achieved by focusing specifically on subgroups that are most at risk.  An inequitable health system affects not only those experiencing disparities but also the strength of the system as a whole.  Fifty percent (50%) of our nation’s health care costs are incurred by 5% of the population.  These patients, commonly referred to as “high utilizers,” generally have multiple chronic conditions, unmet social needs, untreated mental health and substance use disorders, and irregular access to a primary care physician (“PCP”) or a coordinated system of care. As a result, they frequent emergency departments and repeatedly have lengthy inpatient hospital stays. The systemic cost of providing care to this group of individuals is staggering and potentially crippling to our nation’s economy. In Southeast Michigan, the poverty exceeds the national average, and extreme health disparities and financial burdens exist as a result.

How We Helped

In collaboration with the four CEOs, (“the Founding Members”), Mission Throttle embarked on a learning initiative to identify potential opportunities related to pending health care reform.  Over the course of a year, Mission Throttle worked with the P4H team to create the operational and financial framework for a standalone social enterprise. Mission Throttle worked with key stakeholders to develop a proactive, pragmatic approach to delivering financially sustainable and socially responsive healthcare.

The Results

P4H is preparing to launch a 6-8 month demonstration project with a local area hospital system.  The demonstration project will further validate Partners4Health’s delivery model that aims to reduce high hospital admission rates for potentially preventable conditions.   P4H has successfully secured initial grants from three funders, including insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

“The sign of a great collaboration is when expectations are surpassed. Mission Throttle propelled Partners 4 Health at a pace that we could not have otherwise achieved.”

— John VanCamp, CEO Southwest Solutions